In October 2016 we set up a daycare therapeutic center for special needs children.

At the Center we employ a neurodevelopmental approach, which is focused at the underlying reasons for developmental issues observed in children, and apply therapeutic methods that affect the way the brain works. This is a new therapeutic approach for Bulgaria, which has been particularly successful in Western Europe and the United States.

Additionally, we focus on sensory integration work, self help skills, speech therapy, cognitive development and development of social skills. In our work, we see parents as a key factor to a child’s development and future. Hence, we organize monthly training and support groups, home visitation programs, and daily communication and encouragement of parents in their work with children.

At the moment we have 2 therapeutic children’s groups, a morning and an afternoon one. The positive feedback from parents and the results we see in the children encourage us to continue this endeavour, realizing that it meets an urgent need in the special needs community.

Form for Child Participation in the Day Care Center